C     H     R      I      S

B  O  C  C  I

A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T
Saco House

In 2006 a terrace of listed 18th century houses in Bath was
altered and restored to create Saco House, a high quality
range of serviced apartments. Although much of the interior
had previously been changed from its original layout, the
façade of the terrace was largely intact and was therefore
cleaned and restored to its former beauty.

The original arrangement for this terrace included open areas
in the front pavement to enable daylight and ventilation to
reach basement rooms. These open areas had long since
been paved over. Following listed building consent the areas
were opened up and protected with new iron railings in the
original manner.

The main entrance to Saco House is through one of the
original front doors and to enhance the importance of this
door way a new wrought iron lantern arch was added. The
detailed design of the arch required fine judgment to ensure
compliance with original patterns and form.